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Design your own training program with your organisation in mind. When it’s unique to your company’s workforce and culture, employees can develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their roles.

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We make real results happen with the 6-Step Framework:


Kick off the discovery phase with a workshop event, geared to better understand your pain points.

02 & 03

Next, we collaborate closely with Subject Matter Experts to create entertaining, educational, and pertinent content for your learners. Everything is designed with your team in mind, like getting the right balance between digital and non-digital assets.


A deployment strategy is key in order to implement your training successfully. See below to check out our range of deployment services.

05 & 06

Collaboration is essential to a successful partnership. We work with you to design and develop practice exercises, and include a Q&A 6-8 weeks after the course to prevent information loss and truly embed the learning.
Step 1


Kicking off the discovery phase is a workshop to better understand your pain points. In this step, our key mission is to agree on a measurable goal for the training. As well as giving us a clear focus, this goal helps us assess your return on investment.

Once we establish a goal, we’ll map out:

1. What learners must do to accomplish it
2. The reasons why it hasn’t been done to your desired standard so far
3. The practice exercises we can use to improve your learning experience.

Steps 2 & 3

Design & Development

Think of the goal as our starting point for the design process. By identifying the goal, we can determine the learning objectives we need to achieve it. This enables us to sketch out the main ideas that learners will need to grasp to successfully complete the program.

Next, it’s time to engage with Subject Matter Experts. We pick their brains and harness their expertise to create entertaining, educational and relevant content for our learners. This could look like interactive activities, case studies, or simulations that enable users to put what they are learning into practice – and most importantly, apply it in a practical setting!

As we delve deeper into the development process, we’ll transform the designs into real-life training solutions. We’ll use the right mix of digital and non-digital assets, based on what works for you and your learners. This could look like e-learning, workshops, and virtual and in-person interventions.

One thing’s for sure: we’ll always do our best to develop training that fits best with your culture and timelines, whether its micro-learning or more in-depth training programs. This covers non-training solutions as well, like process aids, decision trees and checklists.

Step 4 


In order to implement training successfully, a solid deployment strategy is key.

Some organisations may want to deploy larger-scale training initiatives over an extended period of time. We can accommodate this by delivering the course ourselves using our qualified expert trainers, or through the “train the trainer” method.

If necessary, we can also create eLearning files and house them in either our LMS, or yours.

Steps 5 & 6

Embed & Evaluate 

Have you ever heard of the Forgetting Curve? It’s a psychological theory that describes how, if we don't actively work to remember something, we tend to forget it over time. It implies that we forget information most quickly after learning it and that our ability to retain it weakens over time.

With this in mind, we collaborate with you to design and develop practice exercises. We also include a Q&A 6-8 weeks after the course, to prevent information loss and ensure the learning is embedded. This enables students to practise, identify subject areas that require more explanation, and offer the required guidance and comments.

The Benefits of Bespoke 

Could bespoke work for you? At the very beginning of the process, we’ll identify measurable goals that meet the needs of your business. Meeting these goals will have tangible benefits, whether that’s improved compliance, improved efficiency, reduced cost – or all three.

Those who opt for bespoke training often feel more motivated and engaged in the process. After all, the training reflects what they need to do in their day-to-day job. It can also boost job satisfaction and increase employee retention rates.

Get learning targeted to your specific pain points

Boost performance and productivity

Benefit from solutions that belong to your company and culture

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