Ciara Griffin

Finance and Digital Assistant

CIara Headshot.png

Ciara is Meddev’s Finance and Digital Assistant, she is undertaking an eight-month internship with Meddev as part of her university’s Cooperative Education Programme. Ciara assists the Meddev team with the day-to-day tasks, supporting them as they navigate daily challenges in a fast-paced environment. Over the past few months, she has gained experience in different areas of the business and has discovered a great interest in digital marketing.

Ciara’s passion for problem-solving motivated her to pursue a degree in economics and mathematics in the University of Limerick. Prior to her current role, Ciara worked in customer service, where she developed strong communication and collaborative skills. She also facilitated tutoring for secondary school students in Mathematics.

Although this is Ciara’s first time working within the medical device industry, she has learned a lot in a short space of time and is keen to develop her knowledge.