Jane Fox

HR & Talent Lead

Jane New Photo.png

Jane is the HR and Talent Lead specialist at Meddev, and is based in Galway. Jane’s goal is to attract and retain the best talent for both the internal and external teams that represent Meddev.

Jane holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology and politics, and geography from the National University of Ireland, Galway. In 2020, Jane also completed the CIPD and Diploma in HR Management from NCI in Dublin.

Jane spent two years working as a recruitment consultant for a local agency in Mayo where she placed candidates in various roles for local and multinational clients. Jane learned client and candidate management, and skilled herself as a recruiter. Prior to this, Jane spent four years in Melbourne, Australia, where she worked for a large property developer on the legal and conveyancing team, pulling together contracts, dealing with solicitors, and ensuring settlements were carried out effectively. Having worked in customer service from a young age, Jane understands the expectations of clients within the medical device industry.

Jane also supports overall projects at Meddev, assisting the internal team with HR queries and the running of day-to-day operations within Trinzo.