Peter Walsh

Partner & Executive Director

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Peter Walsh is a Partner and Executive Director of Meddev. Peter has 35 years of medical device experience with companies such as CR Bard, Abbott and Medtronic, so he has a unique view of the industry from a site, functional, business unit, corporate and customer perspective.

Prior to retiring from Medtronic in 2017 and partnering with Meddev/Trinzo, Peter was Head of Global Operations at Medtronic, a position that included responsibility for over 90 manufacturing sites and 44,000 employees, in addition to thousands of suppliers and contract manufacturers.

He led transformational change at Medtronic across its value stream, particularly within supplier development, manufacturing, quality, interface with R&D and distribution. He now brings this wealth of experience and knowledge to Trinzo and its customers as the company continues to build its organisational talent, capabilities, competencies and global network.

Peter holds a B.S.E.E. and MSc In management.