UK Responsible Person


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What's included in the UKRP service?

▪ Regulatory pre-compliance check for the UK market

▪ Device registration for the UK market

▪ Informing the manufacturer of any complaints and vigilance reports received in the UK

▪ Corresponding with the UK regulatory authority as required

▪ Document retention and provision to the UK’s MHRA as required

▪ Service review meetings held with the manufacturer

▪ Retention of a UK Responsible Person and regulatory experts to act on behalf of your company in the UK

How much will it cost?


The cost for our UK Responsible Person Service is fully competitive and covers all devices and classifications. 

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If you are a medical device manufacturer looking to gain access to the medical device market in Great Britain, our team can make that possible.


The regulation in force in the UK states that the only way for a non-UK manufacturer to sell their devices in the UK is through the use of a UK responsible person. The UK responsible person must be established in the UK and act on behalf of the manufacturer to perform specific tasks, such as the registration of medical devices at the regulatory authority before they are placed on the UK market.


At Meddev Solutions, our experienced, award winning team can offer a UK Responsible Person Service from our registered offices in the UK.


If you also require access to the EU market, our unique position allows us to act as your European Authorised Representative. For more information on our EU Representative services, please contact us.