Introduction to PFAS:
Your Comprehensive 
PFAS Training Course

Get to grips with PFAS in our self-paced e-Learning training course. The modules are crafted to provide you with in-depth insights and practical knowledge to navigate the complexities of PFAS regulations and their implications for your organisation. 

If you’re keen to understand the basics of PFAS, from its origins to its applications, this is the course for you. It’s the perfect way to comprehend the scope of the incoming EU-wide PFAS restrictions, assess the impact of PFAS restrictions on medical devices, and outline the steps you need to take to implement the restrictions successfully. 
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Understand the basics of PFAS, from its nature to its applications

Get to grips with the EU PFAS restriction, from scope to specifics

Assess the impact of PFAS restrictions on medical devices

Learn how to implement PFAS restrictions 

Who will benefit from this e-Learning?

  • Those working in the medical device sector 
  • Those working in the regulatory space 
  • People from all functions, e.g. Quality, Research & Development, Supply Chain and more 
  • Those curious about what a restriction will mean for their organisation 
  • Those interested in a primarily EU perspective 
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Introduction to PFAS: Agenda

Module 1
Module 2
Module 3
Module 4

What is PFAS?

  • Explain what PFAS is: Gain a clear understanding of the chemical makeup and applications of PFAS. 
  • Recognise the terminology and acronyms associated with its use: Familiarise yourself with the key terms and abbreviations associated with the topic. 

Get to know the fundamentals of PFAS. This module walks you through the characteristics that make these substances unique, and their everyday applications. By the end of this module, you’ll have a foundational knowledge of PFAS and its use, and be able to explain it confidently and accurately. 

The EU PFAS Restriction

  • Interpret the restriction: Understand the scope and specifics of the EU's regulatory framework concerning PFAS. 
  • Explain a regrettable substitution: Learn about the pitfalls of replacing one harmful substance with another equally problematic one. 
  • Provide examples of restriction options: Explore the different proposed approaches to a restriction. 
  • Identify restriction benefits and drawbacks: Weigh the advantages and potential challenges of PFAS restrictions. 

This module delves into the regulatory landscape shaped by the European Union. You'll analyse the nuances of the restrictions, including the options proposed. By comprehending the benefits and drawbacks, you’ll be better prepared to navigate the regulations effectively. 

PFAS & Medical Devices

  • Interpret what the restriction will mean for your organisation: Assess the specific impacts of PFAS restrictions on your products and processes. 
  • Estimate the challenges you might encounter in the implementation of a restriction: Identify potential hurdles and come up with strategies for compliance. 

PFAS can be found in many medical devices due to their unique properties. This module addresses how exactly the EU restrictions will affect the medical device sector. Learn to anticipate and mitigate challenges, ensuring your organisation remains compliant while maintaining product integrity and performance. 

What Do You Need to Do?

  • Identify the activities required for the successful implementation of a PFAS restriction: Outline the necessary steps and actions to comply with PFAS regulations. 
  • Identify what functions to engage with in your organisation, and the parts that they will play in the implementation of a PFAS restriction: Determine the key roles and responsibilities within your team to facilitate smooth implementation. 

In the final module, we provide a practical roadmap for implementing PFAS restrictions in your organisation. Understand the critical activities and engage the right functions to ensure a seamless transition. This module equips you with actionable strategies to manage the implementation effectively and efficiently. 

Case Study

At the end of the course, you’ll be presented with a case study, allowing you to put into practice everything that you’ve learned throughout the training.